Monday, 8 October 2012

Chocolate Week 2012

For Chocoholics and for everyone who adores chocolate, this week is specially dedicated to chocolate... its 'Chocolate Week 2012' from Monday 8th October until Sunday 14th October! Throughout the week there is different types of exciting event happening to celebrate. From learning how to prepare your own chocolate, learning how to taste chocolate, demonstrations of making chocolate in York (where Rowntree's, Terry's Chocolate Orange, Smarties and KitKat originally came from), visiting 'Chocolate Unwrapped' in Covent Garden or even special deals to visit Cadbury's Chocolate World in Birmingham! As well as this, Salon Du Chocolat in Paris are hosting a 'chocolate-themed fashion show' while listening to music of live performances and gorging to the world's finest chocolates.

For more information, check out the 'Chocolate Week 2012' website by clicking on the link below:

In addition to all of this excitement, Chocolicious is going to be celebrating too! Keep an eye on the Chocolicious Blog as there will be some interesting daily updates, which will include unusual facts about chocolate, the history of chocolate and even some videos! 

Next week is definitely going to be thrilling, yummy and CHOCOLICIOUS! 


  1. Brilliant - I love the sound of Chocolate Week! I particularly like the link to favourite, chocolate related videos - the gorilla drummer is inspired. Well done - this is a quirky and enjoyable blog. Keep posting!

  2. Yeah! For chocolate week, we can have chocolate every day!!!!