Sunday, 23 September 2012

Cadbury's Crunchie Chocolate

One of the unique style of Cadburys Chocolate Bar is the sensation of the chocolate at the first bite. As you take your first bite, it is clean with no crumbles and then as it progresses deeper into the chocolate bar the honeycomb melts and crumbles into your mouth. It seems to crackle into your mouth as the honeycomb melts and washes around your mouth with the taste of the original Cadburys Chocolate surrounding it. 
The smell of the honeycomb stands out very well as you are smelling it, with an after smell of dark chocolate, even though it doesn’t contain it! Although, it still has the delicious smell of the original Cadburys bar, but as the honeycomb is buried underneath it, you can smell almost two different smells at the same time! 
As you are 'CRUNCHING' your way through the chocolate bar, the flavors are tumbling in your mouth, only if there was just a little more honeycomb it would make it EVEN better, but as the way it is, the combination is ok. The honeycomb is not too sticky that is sticks to your teeth, and neither too weak that you can hardly taste it, and your after taste is strongly honeycomb, which is a good thing! Everyone likes and after taste of honeycomb! 
The vibrant, stylish, bright packaging makes you want to grab it from the shelf, even if it's the only thing you can buy. It entices you into buying it and if you ever get the moments when your standing in the chocolate shop debating between two chocolate bars making a fool out of yourself, which I surely do myself - I have your answer, Crunchie should definitely win, all the time and every time! The packaging makes it look like its a proper chocolate bar, with a sense of ‘crunchiness in it,’ not just a lousy one.
A little nibble of the honey comb alone however does taste like normal honeycomb. It just absorbs into your mouth and STILL has the taste of the chocolate even though its honeycomb alone! 
Another unique point about the Crunchie is that the advertising for once, is just what it looks like on the inside! As you bite further into the chocolate bar, the crunchiness remains but it just gets stronger and stronger as you chew, and soon the chocolate texture swirls out again. 
The Cadburys Crunchie Chocolate Bar is very indulging and is not that sickly... its perfect for a lunch box or a snack a tea time and is definitely not too rich. 

Me, The Chocolate Critic has decided, Crunchie is perfect for someone who likes the taste that is not TOO chocolatey and not TOO bland and tasteless but JUST right in the middle with some surprise of crunchiness added too! 


Monday, 17 September 2012

Cadburys Dairy Milk Chocolate

One of the classic originals, of Cadbury’s creations, Cadburys Dairy Milk. A simple chocolate bar which smells indulging, with a sense of a slight richness wafting up your nose. The combination is JUST right and the richness is not too rich, to the extent of it tingling up your nose.

From the outside of the wrapper, it looks appealing although not as good as the taste inside! As you open the chocolate bar, there is no stickiness or melting texture in sight, and with the embossing of ‘Cadbury’, I could not wait to get my hands on it to take a bite! Some flakes of the chocolate bar fell out as I opened it, but I guess that is to be expected when opening a high quality made chocolate bar.

Does a bite of hardness appeal to you in a chocolate bar, evolving into a melting sensation? - Then this chocolate bar is just right for you!
The first bite has a texture of hardness and a few flakes sprinkle into your mouth at the same time. As it starts melting, a boost of sweetness occurs and the taste starts to evolve at the same time, and it becomes softer and much more appealing to eat. To finish, it leaves a chocolate smudged ring around your wet lips! (I think a sign that you’ve enjoyed it!)

No sign of goo or bitterness, however the after taste is not rich but moreish... once you start eating the bar, you want it ALL! Although, you can get unlucky and get a very sickly after taste after the 5th/6th bar of it, or if you’re lucky a very soft taste.

As you work your way through the bar you will eventually find you have eaten it all! Yes - its one of those bars which you just cannot resist eating.... bite after bite your mouth sweetens and the chocolate bar seems to get softer, less rich and becomes a tasteful mouthwatering bar of delicious chocolate.

Simple but definitely... CHOCOLICIOUS!