Thursday, 11 October 2012

Chocolate Week 2012 - Chocolate Lip Gloss/Balm

Most people see 'Chocolate' as just a Chocolate Bar, but actually, Chocolate can be used in many different ways. 'Hot Chocolate' - melted Chocolate with added milk, 'Chocolate Milk-Shake' - blending chocolate bars, with milk and ice and even Chocolate ICE-CREAM! As well as this, there is also such thing as a Chocolate Lip Balm! In the pictures above, there is a rich chocolate in colour lip balm ready to smother all over your lips. 
As you open the packaging, you can even get (as in the picture on the right hand side) the design of the lip balm outside is incredibly well designed, placed in chocolate place holders (like when you purchase real chocolate at a chocolatier!) 
All of the LipBalms which the Chocolate Addict has tried has made the lips look shiny and gleaming!

As in the picture above, the first lip-balm to try is 'Mocha Choca' which when you open, you get an instant smell of strong coffee beans, almost as if you've walked into a Coffee Shop! The substance is slightly sparkly which I guess is to make your lips look sparkly and a very warm chocolate colour. As you put more on, you can start to taste a weak taste of the coffee beans in your mouth and the substance on your lips feels nice and smooth, and not to thick and strong. However, if you don't like Chocolate Coffee, this flavour lip balm is not for you!
The second lip balm to try is 'Praline Princess' and as you open it you smell an extremely rich smell of dark chocolate. As you put this flavour on your lips you can instantly taste it in your mouth, with a taste of pure chocolate, however is not as nicer feeling as to when you put in on your lips! As you rub in further into your lips eventually it becomes a little bit bitty, but maybe that is because is not a professionally made lip gloss, and was only made for the chocolate effect! The third lip balm flavour is 'Vanilla Fancy', smelling of pure vanilla, very sweet and enticing! Its much thicker than the other substances however when you taste it, it tastes very ordinary like any usual lip balm, which lets me down a little. Although it has a nicer substance Chocolicious is all about the taste!
The fourth flavour is 'Rose Swirl' smells delightful. Flowers and roses, however not chocolate? This one sadly also tastes unlike chocolate, although is extremely tasteful of strawberries! 
Not all Chocolicious but most definitely all of them are DELICIOUS! 

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