Thursday, 22 November 2012

ThanksGiving - Reese's Milk Chocolate PeanutButter Cup

First of all, Chocolicious wishes all American's a very Happy Thanks Giving - warm wishes, Chocolate Critic xxx 

One of the most simple but exciting bite which you could taste is the Reese's Milk Chocolate PeanutButter Cups. Sweet but salty all in one! As you take your first bite its soft and you can't really taste the chocolate side of the snack however, as you chew you way through the appetising cup, the peanut butter remains strong with the addition of the subtle yet noticeable milk chocolate which brings the flavour together as one. As you nearly finish chewing you are left with a little lump of chocolate which rounds of the after taste; however, it still leaves this very strong peanut butter taste which is particularly salty and if you don't like peanut butter, salt or nuts, this one isn't for you! 

This cheeky snack leaves you wanting more and is the perfect size for roughly about 5 bites. Its not too rich with flavour, but just right although if I wanted to be picky; it could do with being a little less salty, as it puts you off the feeling of wanting more once you know the amount of salt in it! In your mouth at first, its quite solid until you chew and the peanut butter dough starts evolving and becomes less solid. The peanut butter adds a special flavour all together and leaves you not too thirsty and not too full! 

Leaving you wanting more the peanut butter cups are a perfect size which are not too rich, with the perfect combination of the peanut butter dough and the milk chocolate, however mainly chocolate. The wrapper is sweet, as it makes it look like its been made with care with a bright packaging! 

This is perfectly DELICIOUS! 


*please note that this chocolate contains nuts

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  1. Do you ever have peanut butter on toast and then add Nutella? Like a giant reese's peanut butter cup! Even better, do a sandwich version and put it in a toastie maker.