Monday, 17 September 2012

Cadburys Dairy Milk Chocolate

One of the classic originals, of Cadbury’s creations, Cadburys Dairy Milk. A simple chocolate bar which smells indulging, with a sense of a slight richness wafting up your nose. The combination is JUST right and the richness is not too rich, to the extent of it tingling up your nose.

From the outside of the wrapper, it looks appealing although not as good as the taste inside! As you open the chocolate bar, there is no stickiness or melting texture in sight, and with the embossing of ‘Cadbury’, I could not wait to get my hands on it to take a bite! Some flakes of the chocolate bar fell out as I opened it, but I guess that is to be expected when opening a high quality made chocolate bar.

Does a bite of hardness appeal to you in a chocolate bar, evolving into a melting sensation? - Then this chocolate bar is just right for you!
The first bite has a texture of hardness and a few flakes sprinkle into your mouth at the same time. As it starts melting, a boost of sweetness occurs and the taste starts to evolve at the same time, and it becomes softer and much more appealing to eat. To finish, it leaves a chocolate smudged ring around your wet lips! (I think a sign that you’ve enjoyed it!)

No sign of goo or bitterness, however the after taste is not rich but moreish... once you start eating the bar, you want it ALL! Although, you can get unlucky and get a very sickly after taste after the 5th/6th bar of it, or if you’re lucky a very soft taste.

As you work your way through the bar you will eventually find you have eaten it all! Yes - its one of those bars which you just cannot resist eating.... bite after bite your mouth sweetens and the chocolate bar seems to get softer, less rich and becomes a tasteful mouthwatering bar of delicious chocolate.

Simple but definitely... CHOCOLICIOUS! 



  1. Ooh my mouth is watering! Can I help test some pleeeeese! And rosy would like to see a doggy chocolate post, she can rate a doggy chocometer

  2. Wow what a great blog, when are you writing about the Crunchie bar?

  3. Great Blog z
    You're making me so Hungry, I cant wait to read more of your'e reviews!